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5 Steps to ISO 9001 Certification: Step 3 (Implementation)

Now it's time to implement your ISO 9001 quality management system throughout your company. During this phase you will introduce any new requirements that you included in your customized ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual to affected company employees, and you will help them adjust their way of working accordingly. To make this step a success, it is most important that your employees understand the benefits of the new ISO 9001 requirements. Since you will be using our business-friendly and non-bureaucratic ISO 9001 documentation, your employees will easily recognize the benefits and, thus, readily adopt the new requirements.

One Step at a Time

Take one step at a time in your ISO 9001 implementation process. We recommend that you start with the section on Document Control. Explain the requirements in a meeting or memo, or have the appropriate department managers explain to their staff. As with our other ISO 9001 procedures, the document control requirements are not complicated and their benefits are obvious, making the implementation an easy and rewarding experience.

Training and Work Instructions go Hand in Hand

As you implement your ISO 9001 quality management system, virtually all employees have to change the way they work at least to some extent. At the same time, ISO 9001:2015 calls for standardization and for work instructions. Our Quality Management Manual point out where work instructions are required. We recommend that you assign the writing of work instructions to those who actually do the work. Instruct them to think of the best way of doing their work, then document the main steps. If your new ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual includes requirements that call for a change in work processes, introduce those new requirements and make the employees incorporate them into their work instructions. Once they are done, review the work instructions to make sure that they meet the requirements of your new ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual.

You will see that your employees will almost automatically learn the new ISO 9001 requirements as they incorporate them into their own work instructions. We have seen it over and over again: being able to design their own work processes along ISO 9001 requirements that make sense will not only lead to improved and more efficient work processes but also increase the motivation of your staff.

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