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5 Steps to ISO 9001 Certification: Step 2 (Documentation)

Writing the ISO 9001 procedures (or the quality management manual) and the quality policy is usually the most difficult step when implementing ISO 9001. This is because these documents have to meet all of the many technical requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard; in addition, writing these documents without help at the beginning of the ISO 9001 implementation is a big initial hurdle.

However, we make the ISO 9001 documentation easy for you!

Use our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual as a pre-written template, follow the detailed customization instructions, and you can get your ISO 9001 documentation quickly and at minimal cost! (Note that the ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual is included in our Complete Package.)

Which Documents are required by ISO 9001?

(1) Quality Policy

(2) Procedures

(3) Scope of the quality management system

(4) Process map (flowchart)

(5) Quality objectives

(6) Work Instructions

(7) Forms

Note that the ISO 9001:2015 requirements for work instructions and forms are not explicit.

Work Instructions are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform a particular work process. ISO 9001:2015 does not include an absolute requirement for work instructions; however, section 8.5.1 requires having work instructions where they add value to the company.

Forms are not specifically required by ISO 9001:2015 but forms can be considered both work instructions (before they are filled in) and records (after they are filled in). For this reason, well-designed forms and checklists save time and efforts in meeting ISO 9001 requirements, and should, therefore, be part of every ISO 9001 quality management system.

Company-specific ISO 9001 Documentation

The ISO 9001 documentation is not a generic set of documents that can simply be exchanged among companies. All ISO 9001 documents must be:

specific to your company

suitable for your company

Your ISO 9001 documentation will include everything from overall policy to detailed work instructions, including specifics of your company and its operational processes. Most importantly, once you spelled out the requirements in your ISO 9001 documentation, your company will have to follow them. It is, therefore, crucial for your company's performance that your ISO 9001 quality manual, procedures and other documentation do NOT contain bureaucratic requirements, requirements that are not suitable for your company's circumstances, or requirements that cause obstacles to your business operations and productivity.

Customization of Templates

The secret to easy and business-friendly ISO 9001 implementation at small and midsize companies is the use of our pre-written, customizable templates. These unique templates will not only help you set up an efficient quality management system, they will also make the writing of the required ISO 9001 documentation a rather easy task.

Most importantly, the included customization instructions will guide you in modifying our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual, procedures and templates to fit your company's circumstances, including its work processes, management style and culture.

To create your own, company-specific ISO 9001 documentation that includes the quality manual, quality procedures, quality policy, quality objectives, process flowchart and work instructions, simply customize our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual (also included in the Complete Package). The ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual comes with comprehensive customization instructions that guide you in personalizing and modifying the various procedures templates to fit your company's individual circumstances. Simply follow the included detailed customization instructions step by step.

And this is how we make the ISO 9001 documentation not only easy for you but - even more importantly - also suitable to your company and efficient.

Once you finished customizing our templates per our instructions, have your new ISO 9001 documentation approved by the president of your company.

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